India’s housing challenge has a key differentiator now, and it is a rental solution. 

India holds immense potential in its rental business and by the year 2023, the volume of this business would be around 1.8 crore units and valuation of $41 billion which is around 2.85 lakh crores. (Source: economic times).

Many projects in India are hit by the poor appreciation value and it has hurt the investors for not getting a better rental yield.

But surprisingly, at Kasturi Housing, our customers are actually happy with the rental benefits amongst which, our luxury projects are on the top rank. 

We did some research and found out very interesting facts. 

Rental amount

The investors tell us that even though a ‘Kasturi home’ offers amenities as no one offers in the segment, the rental amounts are a win-win situation for the owner and the tenant. The rental amounts are ~40% higher than the regular home but the tenant is ready to pay more looking at the benefits they would be getting in return.

The rental amount is always better and affordable than the amount of an EMI for a new luxury home. Thus, tenants have a ‘feel-good’ by renting a ‘Kasturi Home’ and are ready to pay a higher amount even though they are costlier than the normal homes here. But why?

Here are some facts about ‘Kasturi’ homes…


Kasturi Housing took efforts on selecting the best possible locations while building a new real-estate project. Our projects define luxury at the initial stage which is judged by the location they are situated in. Location indeed serves the goals of a tenant and it makes a difference in the pricing as well.

Fully equipped homes

EON Homes Interior Kitchen

Kasturi Housing made a remark in the luxury real estate segment in the beginning and still following the trend to date.

Our homes are fully furnished and equipped with high-quality & durable equipment like ACs, false ceilings and modular kitchens that have hob chimneys and water purifiers. More to that, bathrooms are detailed with vanity units, accessories and shower enclosures, etc. 

All this means that a tenant only has to bring movable furniture and this drives up the rental.


Spaciously spread a Kasturi Home offers more space than any luxury home in the segment. The elevated roofs offer a different experience that anyone could just dream of. The most interesting fact that a Kasturi Home gets better rent that people tend to enjoy their personal space as well. More space is for more life.


Our expert team at HOMECARE is dedicated to post-sales service which takes care of the maintenance of your apartment inside and out. At Kasturi Housing, we believe that our responsibility starts rather than ending at the time of possession. The HOMECARE team is skilled to take care of all your maintenance needs, rentals and any help you would require with your home.

If you are interested in renting a luxury home of your dreams, call our customer service number and the HOMECARE team at Kasturi Housing will help you find the available home at the earliest. 

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