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At Kasturi, we believe that our relationship with our customers is sacred and everlasting, which is why we are always determined to make your experience with us unique. Hence, we have ‘Kasturi Privilege’, where we offer specialties that enhance your home, and life, at every step. Whether it is the dilemma of decorating your abode, or carrying out routine upkeep, we are always here to serve you in the finest way.

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KOKO Design is an exclusive interior décor service from the House of Kasturi, with a wide range of designers from Italy and Hong Kong that have been trained to handpick the best for your home.

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With your apartment dressed with the talents of KOKO, we assure a space filled warmth and love that is ready to embrace you as soon you step inside your home. From incorporating soft furnishings like curtains and immaculate bedsheets, to adding tints of grace with the help of aesthetically pleasing home accessories, we make sure that whenever that coming home is always a pleasurable experience for you.

We make sure to integrate carefully designed components in your home in order to make the best use of your space. For example, while designing the living room, we make sure that it exudes an aura of love and cherishment, which makes it a perfect place for your family to spend the precious moments. Similarly, the bedrooms get decorated in a way so as to maximise the sense of comfort, rejuvenation, and satisfaction, so you can start every day with a fresh mind.

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KOKO also guarantees a signature décor design plan that has been crafted particularly according to your apartment layout, and gives you a complete assistance post-delivery for 12 months. The strong civil finishes of our apartments, and the delightful touches of KOKO Design perfectly add value to the lives of the Kasturi family.

home care

Home Care keeps our commitment even after completing our creations.
Our team at Home Care takes utmost care in nurturing your home even when you are not around. Under this, we provide maintenance services which includes plumbing, electrical, painting and carpentry.

Additionally, Home Care also offers services of seeking the appropriate customer for renting out your apartment, which also includes all legal services required for leave and licence agreements.


We always become a part of what we build, and Kasturi’s Home Care system keeps our commitment thereafter. Home Care provides you with a list of services that nurture your apartment, even when you are not at home. For any assistance required in maintaining your apartment, or listing it for rent, please mail us at homecare@kasturi.com

We make sure that our passion is shared by a like-minded community. Hence, we also go to lengths to find them. Home Care offers such services of seeking the appropriate tenant for renting out your apartment. Your home is not just your investment, but our responsibility too.
Our creations are not just buildings; they are beings that we always treat in a humane way. This is why we take utmost care in nurturing them in every way. Home Care has an array of systems designed solely for the regular maintenance of your home.

We have always heard about how ‘home is where the heart is’. These words, that were spoken almost two thousand years ago by a well-known Roman philosopher, continue to hold importance even today. Home is where people celebrate their life and family, where they create unforgettable memories, and where they feel safe and secure. At Kasturi, we have always believed that your home is a temple for your mind, body, and soul. Thus, giving you the highest quality of residence is our utmost important mission.

Kasturi was nurtured from humble beginnings to an epitome of excellence that it is today. Both commercial and residential projects have raised the industry standards through relentless dedication and defined norms for how innovation can make a direct impact on people’s lives. Our engineering, designing, and execution has bought ground-breaking advancement in every facet – as the first in the country. We are a company that thrives on distinction. We have always believed in setting the bar immensely high, and became the first to introduce revolutionary concepts in its offerings. The sole intention and motivation of doing this has always been to make living as perfect as possible, simply because we strive for nothing inferior.

Back in 2000, We were the first to introduce video door phones facilities in its apartments. We were also the first to bring brands like Grohe, Villeroy & Boch, and Viega for residential projects in India. Additionally, we also started to offer built-to-size factory manufactured doors and windows, and many such accessories that helped give our homes a flawless finish. We make sure that your home is decked with the best from all over the world – both inside and outside.

Each project that we have made is unique in its own way, and our refreshing approach to bringing maximum efficiency, creativity, and comfort has been inspired by the passion of providing something meaningful to our residents. Hence, creating statements through our impeccable projects has always been a part of out legacy, and will continue to be in future.