Are you a non-residential Indian who is planning to buy a property in India? If yes, this is the right time. It is always easier to move to the fast-growing cities to make your investment. There are various growing cities to consider, but a few of them can match the vibrancy and intensity of Pune. The property investment in this city has gained momentum in recent years and is still going strong.

The best thing about this city is that you will easily find ideal residential projects in the outskirts of the city such as Kharadi, Hinjawadi, Pimpri, Wakad, Baner, and other areas. Of all these, the real estate in Hinjawadi is one of the most in-demand. Being said that, it is important to know why Pune is the best choice for your real estate investment and how Hinjawadi can be a good bet in the long run.

Pune – The Smart City

Pune is one of the fastest-growing smart cities in India. It tops the list of the most livable cities in India. The city has more than 811 colleges, and higher centres of education, which has earned it a sobriquet the “Oxford of the East”. In the 1990s, Pune attracted students from the neighbouring city of Mumbai and other cities of India, because it had many educational institutions that taught computer science. The computer technologies were slowly gaining momentum. This triggered a sort of technology revolution in the city. This revolution attained a new dimension with the establishment of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in Hinjawadi in 1998. Today, it contributes to 30% of IT exports of the state of Maharashtra.

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Hinjawadi – The Digital Republic

Most top international IT companies have offices at Hinjawadi, which makes it one of the largest IT hubs in India. This IT sector combined with the popularity of Pune as a major automobile and engineering hub makes it one of the leading foreign direct investment (FDI) destinations in India. Hinjawadi has more than 110 leading IT and ITes companies, as well as has 400 local start-ups. This place attracts IT crowd from all over India and various parts of the world. Owing to its emerging status of a digital republic (read IT hub), there is a huge demand for livable residential properties here. This is where you can easily strike a gold.

Hinjawadi – A Place that Means Growth 

The cost of living index in several cities like Bangalore has steeply increased owing to their transformation into IT hubs. However, this is not the case in terms of Pune. Although the rate of appreciation and rental values have drastically increased over the years, still, housing is affordable in IT suburbs like Hinjawadi! You will be surprised to know that the rate of luxurious 2BHK apartment starts at Rs 71 Lakhs and above in Hinjawadi, whereas in Bengaluru and other cities, it may cost you Rs 2 Crores and upwards. Here, you have access to several villas and home projects such as Eon Homes by Kasturi Housing in Hinjawadi Phase III. The project is near to several places of work such as Tech Mahindra, which is located at a distance of 500 meters.

Similarly, Hinjawadi is also known for its vibrant lifestyle and connectivity to several other areas of Pune and other neighbouring cities through a web of well-connected internal roads, Mumbai-Pune Expressway, and Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway. What’s next? If you want to wait till 2020, then be informed that Hinjawadi is one of the prime destinations for Line 3 metro that will run between Hinjawadi and Shivaji Nagar.

The right time to invest in Pune, especially Hinjawadi, is here. And Eon Homes by Kasturi Housing should top your list of investment worthy properties.

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