Mumbai vs Pune, the economic capital of Maharashtra vs. the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the first largest city in Maharashtra vs. the second largest city in Maharashtra – there are umpteen comparisons to be drawn. If a comparison Mumbai real estate vs. Pune real estate is drawn, then the latter would garner enough attention due to various good reasons. The first reason being – Hinjawadi – which has become the hottest property destination for Mumbai investors. Let’s see how Hinjawadi homes are outshining Mumbai. 

Hinjawadi is Right There

If you are driving on a Mumbai – Bengaluru highway, you can easily find Hinjawadi, because it is on the route.

A tip for the future – if you are travelling to Pune from Mumbai by train and happen to get down at Shivaji Nagar, then you can take the metro to reach Hinjawadi Phase – III. Doesn’t that gives you a feeling of so near, but not so near! 

Money, Money, Money – Realize the Right Value

Buying a 750 sq.ft 2BHK apartment in a Mumbai suburb may make you poorer by Rs 2 Crore. However, in Hinjawadi, you can buy the apartment in Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 80 lakhs – what a catch!

Jobs are Raining Here

Hinjawadi is home to several large and small IT companies. With the demand for information technology and internet related services growing, these companies will churn out more job opportunities in future.

One can Actually Enjoy the Work and Workplace (No Exaggeration or Pun Intended)

You may be targeting a techie working in an XYZ company. If you ask him what makes work and workplace boring? There are several things that he would like to secretly list ( apart from management issues) if someone asks him to do so. Among various things, long working hours and excruciating travel will definitely find a spot on the list. A small tip – both these can be easily taken care of by living in Hinjawadi. This is because most residential properties in Hinjawadi are positioned near Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III, which hosts many IT companies. This will make travelling easy, and working hours enjoyable. 

Go Social and Enjoy Life

Yes, you heard it right. Although Hinjawadi offers various employment options, it offers a robust social infrastructure, too. There are several hangout zones in the area that offer umpteen socializing opportunities. For instance, if one is bored, he or she can hit Amsterdam (Not the capital of Netherlands) Cafe and chill out in a restaurant and lounge. Similarly, if one wants to spend quality time with people who share their interest in sports, they can head to places like Reboot Sports Arena and Playscapes. After visiting the place, you will realize that here life rolls out ample opportunities to shine and succeed.

A Good Neighbor is a Possibility in Hinjawadi

What does that mean? There are several housing projects in Hinjawadi that assure you the best value for money. There are several affordable, premium and super luxury apartments to choose from. All these housing projects are well-equipped with amenities that boost the quality of life. No doubt, that people living in these homes will have the best of everything, and they will be happy and satisfied individuals. Happiness and life satisfaction will make them balanced and there will be fewer differences with their neighbours – what you say?

Clean, Fresh, Green, and Liveable

Yes. You have heard it right. Hinjawadi is unlike any overcrowded suburb of Mumbai. It is fresh, clean, green, and liveable. There is traffic during peak hours in the morning and evening, but it remains quiet for the most part of the day. It is surrounded by green mountains on its all sides, and there are several open spaces, too. All this makes this place a breathable, unlike Mumbai that is crowded.

These are only a few reasons that prove Hinjawadi homes have been outshining Mumbai ones lately. If you have to really experience it, then you need to step into one of those homes. And you can easily make at Eon Homes –  2 & 3 BHK flats in Hinjewadi by Kasturi Housing – a premium home brand that offers you the best value for investment.