Imagine a place where freedom to be yourself is central to the place you live in. For most people living the corporate life, the hours at work spent in front of a computer can deduct from their time the freedom that comes naturally from having the spending power that can make dreams come true. 

In this case, it’s not that corporate life which is at fault. It is the surroundings that do not allow one to spread their wings and fly. It’s for this reason that IT suburbs have begun to become so popular in the last decade or so. 

What is an IT suburb? 

An IT suburb is a place that has integrated infrastructure. It combines work and lifestyle to present an environment that lets one have the finest rewards. IT suburbs are a smart city model that features state-of-the-art IT parks beside sprawling townships with oodles of open space. 

Tuning Into Hinjawadi 

For some time now, Pune has been leading the fray as a city that offers some of the best places to work. Hinjawadi is at the forefront of IT suburbs, as it offers numerous options for working and living. 

IT professionals who live in Hinjawadi also enjoy a place that offers unlimited job opportunities. It is a place where the work culture has a lifestyle twist to it.

What makes Pune one of growing cities & real estate market

Why Hinjawadi? 

Hinjawadi presents so many advantages to its residents who live and work here. Apart from the proximity that townships here share with IT Parks, Hinjawadi also provides numerous options to enjoy days off, and spend more time at home (with less time in traffic). 


Something new is coming to Hinjawadi and residents here are already thrilled. In the next two years, Hinjawadi will have its own Metro Station. This modern mode of transportation will revolutionize the way people commute across the city. 

Apart from this, Hinjawadi has excellent connectivity: 

  • Bustling suburbs like Bavdhan, Pashan, Aundh, Baner and Balewadi are within a 15 KM radius. 
  • The Mumbai-Pune highway acts as a ring road connecting Hinjawadi to the whole city.
  • Hinjawadi has good public transport infrastructure like bus stops and an upcoming metro. 


Hinjawadi is part of the Smart City Initiative that wishes to make this part of Pune a suburb that is truly world-class. 

The suburb has well-rounded infrastructure such as wide roads, clean walkways, parks, shopping malls and hospitals. Hinjawadi offers a lot of ease of living. No wonder homes here are greatly in demand, yet still affordable. 

Value Appreciation 

Whether as an investment or as a family home, Hinjawadi offers a lot of returns in terms of value and returns. In the last 5 years, Hinjawadi has experienced a robust value appreciation of 12%.

This number is expected to grow over the years as Hinjawadi gets its own metro station and newer townships occupy this bustling suburb. With all these factors taken into consideration by smart IT professionals, this area is bound to grow as a residential and commercial suburb in the coming years.