It is now easy to upgrade your current home for a better lifestyle. Seems very imaginative, but it isn’t. You can now upgrade to a better house filled with luxurious amenities and facilities of global standards. 

Yes, Kasturi Housing brings you unmatchable luxury here in Pune with Eon Homes. 

With EON Homes, you get a lifestyle you deserve. A grand lifestyle at an award winning home promises an entirely different experience. But, is it that easy to upgrade a home?

Yes, imagine shifting all your stuff in the home you gathered over the last 5-8 years and then placing it in a new home? It sounds hectic. 

Not with EON Homes. 

At EON Homes, you get semi-furnished apartments in the specifications of:

  1. 2BHK – Luxury & Comfort
  2. 3BHK Mini – Luxury & Comfort
  3. 3BHK – Luxury

Want to know how much area you’ll be getting in the apartment? Explore the configuration here.

Every apartment in EON Homes is equipped with spacious & air-conditioned rooms, well-furnished kitchen, bathrooms with accessories, and most importantly, amenities outside the home that will make every family time memorable for you.

What more can you demand in an apartment that suits your budget when you have planned to upgrade your lifestyle with a home?

A modern home at EON Homes by Kasturi Housing looks like a dream home you had in your imagination every year passing by.

There are a number of factors to look after when you are living in a normal home, just, for instance, consider maintenance; you would have attended the monthly meetings of your housing society. This doesn’t happen at EON Homes because we maintain inside and out of your home here on our own. Every apartment is served by a manager with a separate system and a dedicated ‘HOMECARE’ team to look after the maintenance.

Security is another important aspect of home buying decision. We at Eon Homes come with top-notch amenities in this regard too.

We believe that upgrading to a new home is a crucial decision that involves a lot of thought and efforts. Let us help you. Write to us on or contact us at: 020 40779999 to make your process of upgrading the home easily and hassle-free