The residential property trends in Pune are fast changing. Luxury homes are in vogue. Over the years, the city has seen the emergence of several premium housing projects. Most people are familiar with the term premium or luxury homes, but why are these residential projects the best bet for you today? Let’s try to find answers.

How Living Becomes an Enriching Experience in gated communities

Proximity to Education facilities and family infrastructure is the concern for most property buyers. They can be assured that gated communities like Eon Homes in Pune host the best educational facilities nearby as well as malls, shops, movie theatres and more. So, the resident’s need not worry about sending their children to school outside these areas.

Next, unlike most gated communities in Pune, Eon Homes supports the walk-to-work concept. It is planned across the work areas in Hinjawadi and Magarpatta and offers an eclectic mix of retail, commercial, and residential components. This also offer lots of socializing opportunities to its residents. People can easily take advantage of the health club facilities, well-landscaped gardens, swimming pools and rejuvenation centres in the vicinity. 

All these factors make gated communities a lucrative investment option for up-market property buyers. They understand gated communities assure better and convenient lifestyle than other housing options. 

Family Safety Gains Priority – How Does it Happen

The safety of the family is one of the prime concerns for any investor. As the gated communities like Eon Homes are self-sufficient, it makes it ideal for working spouses. For instance, if you are working in Hinjawadi, and happen to be a resident of one of the Eon Homes, there are all chances that you may walk to the office regularly. Or perhaps, your spouse may be working closer to home. In both cases, either of you is accessible to your family in case of any emergencies. Knowing this you can better concentrate on your work and other important things in life. 

Eon Homes have adopted heavy security measures, which assures safety to residents. 

Green Cover Makes it Even More Beautiful 

Pune is blessed by nature owing to its geographical position. It is decorated with green mountains on all sides. This lends a pleasant, green cover to the city. All-natural resources are best utilized by Eon Homes. 

Eon Homes is spread across 22 acres, at one of the most scenic locations in Hinjawadi, Phase 3, that brings to you unmatchable views and lush nature all around.

Investing in a gated community can be a good decision, especially since apartments in these gated communities come with 15-25% higher rental than regular apartments. If you choose to live in a gated community like Eon Homes, you’ll never want to move again.

We understand that dream homes happen once in a lifetime, and we leave no stone unturned, to deliver perfect homes to you. Don’t just buy a home, now invest in Eon life in Pune. 

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