Benefits of taking a joint home loan.

You have guessed it right – two people contributing to paying for a home EMI quickens the repaying term and makes it twice as fast. Time is an invaluable asset. 

And when you are buying a home with a spouse or family member, you want more time to enjoy their company without distractions like a loan EMI. 

What can you do about it?

  • Banks allow you to take a joint home loan with a legal partner like Wife/Husband. 
  • You can also take a joint home loan with a family member like your mother/father brother or sister. 

There are numerous reasons why families today believe in sharing a home loan. 

The down payment

There’s no maximum limit when making a downpayment for a home loan. People usually save up before taking a home loan, and once again having two incomes comes to their rescue.

As you are making a joint decision to buy a home and are sharing the responsibility of financing it, having two incomes help in dividing the buying pressure. 

  • A down payment close to 15% of the home loan is on the lower side of the scale.
  • Down Payments of 20%-30% of the home cost will significantly reduce the cost. 
  • Making a larger down payment shortens the payback term of the loan.
  • Banks and financial institutions will be ready to give you a better EMI, interest rate if you make a larger down payment. 

Luxury, now easily affordable

That’s right, if you want to make life wonderful, you need a home that reflects your interests and needs. New properties offer all the amenities your family could desire.

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Banks are eager to offer a loan for a popular property. With a home loan shared between two partners, you can invest in a home that has a medium-to-high value appreciation, and also enjoy all the shared happiness of ownership it brings. 

Benefits of taking a joint home loan 2

Two owners are better than one. 

There are times when one of the partners is not able to work, and supporting the family financially is a one-person responsibility. This is not as difficult as in today’s world we are able to adapt and share family responsibility.

  • Banks are flexible in the loan they offer, choose a bank with a lower interest rate and a long tenure for shorter EMI.
  • Do not take a loan of very long tenure, as interest rates can sometimes almost double the price of a home. So the EMI you select is important. 
  • The tenure of a loan influences the cost interest that is payable. 

So, where are we now? 

With all these advantages of taking a joint home loan, it’s time to start thinking about where? 

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