Once, a small village not known to anyone not even for the Punekars, Hinjawadi is now the economic hub of Pune.

The launch of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park has really changed the way the village is looking now as the IT & ITeS giants entered the space.

With the ever-growing IT industry in this area, the residential as well as commercial properties took a heavy lift and now the picturesque horizon is filled with giant skyscrapers, malls and residential complexes where thousands of people are leading their lives happily.

Hinjawadi is indeed one of the most welcomed housing sectors in Pune. The rapid progress of many residential projects is a very popular reason why people are choosing Hinjawadi as their next home destination.

Apart from spacious infrastructure, there are various reasons why people tend to choose Hinjawadi to invest in their next home. 

In this era, with a plethora of options in multiple locations, people still flocking to Hinjawadi. 

Let us find out why.

Better ROI

Yes. Investing in a home in Hinjawadi will probably turn out to be the best financial decision you take. With the Indian IT boom not seeming to stop anytime soon, many more MNCs are expected to step in the city. This obviously translates to better and added infrastructure in the area.

If you plan to sell your house after 8 to 10 years, it will be close to a goldmine for you. 

So if you have decided to buy a home here, it’s a wise decision.

Surrounded by amenities, facilities and comfort

Together with better infrastructure, you get to choose from a variety of shops that suffice your daily requirements, restaurants, bars and pubs which make daily life and plans seamless. 

For comfort, if you have a job in Hinjawadi, your office will be on the walking distance which will save you from traffic and daily commute. 

For your kids, there are around a dozen or more educational institutes, nearby hospitals & healthcare centres available 24X7.

What do you expect from a location for your new home?

Per se, investing in a home in Hinjawadi will provide you with a home more spacious than your previous one with better amenities and facilities because new and upcoming residential projects are designed around international trends and standards. 

Need we say more?

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