Living in a prime property located in the heart of the city or investing in a new home where you get maximum of the available space with luxurious amenities and facilities. Which one would you prefer?

Well, buying a luxury home by exchanging your old home located in the prime location is so easy that you won’t ever regret your decision.

With your new luxury home you will get access to:

  • Subtle location
  • More space
  • Read-to-move rooms
  • Furniture
  • Luxury amenities & facilities

So is it a good decision to swap your old house in return of all these facilities you will be getting in nearly no-extra costs? We discuss it here…

You need to find a buyer for your old house before you directly look for a new luxury home. Once you find an ideal buyer for your property, you can start managing your finances for your new home that suits your budget.

It’s not just about upgrading your home, you are entering a phase where you would be upgrading your lifestyle as well.

When we are talking about Pune, here, we explain you with an example so that you can visualize your house swapping decision.

Let’s consider you have your old flat in a location like Kothrud, where almost every Punekar wants to settle down looking at the locality itself. Suppose, your old 2BHK flat with 1000 sq.ft. of the area might get sold in Rs. 1 Cr or more, you can easily invest the amount anywhere else to buy a luxurious 3BHK or more by putting in some extra amount if you are capable.

Swapping an old home for a new luxury home will be providing you with fresh construction and better amenities. Your old housing society might be lacking some relaxation elements like faster lifts, swimming pools, huge green spaces, or even a brand that carries a legacy of luxury throughout decades.

So why keep sticking to the old home when you are availed with the better options. 

At Kasturi Housing, we always come across such clients which need a new home with pure luxury inside and out. We always recommend them to upgrade to a better option by exchanging their old homes.

With a ‘Kasturi’ home, our clients get a number of reasons to move in by selling their old home. Every Kasturi home is equipped with customizable well-furnished rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Enjoying picturesque views from spacious balconies, security at every step outside the home, neatly designed parking and many facilities are waiting for our highly choosy clients.

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