Ever so often, the cliches do ring true. For example, the early bird finds the best nest, when he or she books an apartment or flat before everyone else. 

Since 2017, Hinjawadi has seen 12.4% appreciation in home rates in the premium segment. 

We hear the early bird story so often, we can’t help but wonder – how can I get an apartment that is close to my workplace, in time before prices make it unattainable? The answer lies in, how can you find such a location?

Here are the perks of buying a spacious apartment in Hinjawadi. 

Metro Suburb

How would you feel about travelling by Metro in Pune? The government is quickly laying down world-class metro lines, which will criss-cross the city. Now, having a metro station outside your home is something most wouldn’t want to miss out on. And it’s happening in Hinjawadi.

It’s Near The Highway 

Even if you don’t work at Rajiv Gandhi IT Park and drive to your office instead, if you live close to the highway, you’re going to reach there faster – minus the extra twists and turns. 

What everyone worries about

What is it? Price…

Here’s what we know. There’s a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that Hinjawadi is not always affordable in the premium and luxury home segment. After all, a bigger township that is covered with 70% green space and offering Southeast Asian inspired semi-furnished flats is not always light on the pocket.

But there are other ways – and they test your discipline. Home loans are looking friendlier than ever. And also, if you’re looking to buy a home you hopefully should have some finance saved up by now. A furnished luxury 3BHK for 1 crore is not a setback. It’s predicted to grow in value and also increase your net worth, so you can enjoy Pune as you feel, all your life. 

Kasturi’s EON Homes is located at Hinjawadi Phase 3, right opposite TCS IT park. It offers luxury, connectivity and spaciousness. Kasturi EON Homes with South-East Asian inspired architecture and utilities is now a choice of people. How do you feel about 70% open green space in your neighbourhood, and underground parking? 

To know more, search for Kasturi EON Homes in Hinjewadi Phase 3 and be thrilled by this 23-acre development.