This is the best time to invest in real estate provided the job or business and income of an individual are stable in the coronavirus pandemic times.


Property buyers willing to move into their dream homes while things are getting back to normal worldwide, Kasturi Housing is bringing you a comprehensive guide to buying a home during pandemic.

We are going to bust some myths and provide you a quick glance at this situation and your decision of buying a house during pandemic.

Should I invest in real estate in 2020?

It could be the first home you are buying or an investment, things are smoother when you are with Kasturi. Here are some points you can refer to make your doubts clear.

Should you be buying a home during pandemic?

While an obvious answer to a general mindset is a no, the upsides of investing in real estate or say residential property are more which hardly any real estate developers will reveal in these times.

Almost every country across the world is busy fighting the Corona virus pandemic while businesses are getting ready to reopen with the available workforce. There is uncertainty about finances, employment, stocks, and even bonuses. Pandemic has confused the home buyers too.

While the lockdown in India brought a pause in economic activities affecting consumption and income, amidst all this, what could be the upsides of investing in real estate in COVID-19 situations?

Why is pandemic the opportune time to buy a home?

Lowest lending rates

Amidst pandemic, the Reserve Bank of India announced a new repo rate, which will bring down home loan rates lowest in the recent periods. As of April 2020, the repo rate stood at 4.4%. For people with sufficient liquidity to invest, this is the right time to strike a deal and get your loan approved before interest rates get back to normal. For the latest interest rates and loan offers, contact your bank or get in touch with Team Kasturi Housing where we have loan assistance and consultation for finance.

Slowdown in demand-supply

Since the new supply is hardly entering the market, the demand is seen dried down; due to lockdown. Right now, most of the construction companies are facing labor problems. This means before everything comes back to normal like before, supply will be standstill and demand remains the same or just less. So, to strike a deal for a good property, this is the right time to get into negotiations and buy a new home. Who knows, one might have to pay more than what they can right now for the same property once the supply starts lifting up. Save yourself some cash now!

Safe investment

Real estate investment has been a safe bet for people. It’s the best investment for people willing to get both regular income and capital value appreciation. Some properties give you both and if you have some liquid funds in hand, go for it. Choose a residential property in pandemic which will give you the best rent and keep appreciating itself to make it liquid in the future.

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Once the lockdown is completely over, offices are fully open and people start flying for leisure, the real estate sector will be in highlight; again. Pandemic effect on real estate prices will somehow relax, property prices will rise and there may not be a buyers’ market in real estate post pandemic and hence, this is the best time home buyers can contact real estate developers, check out their available inventory and enter their dream home easily.

Are you still wondering about the current trends and whether you should buy a home in these situations?

We tried to analyze your minds and found some answers.

Work From Home

Most of the use allowed working from home and most organizations have found ease at handling daily tasks and performance has not shivered a lot.

Work from home is going to be a revolution and obviously a part of the new normal.

Since everyone will be working from home, the location of a home might not be a point in property hunt even when things are normal.

A few employees will be called at the office but that too for urgent decision making meetings or say sensitive meetings.

The location won’t be a barrier for a home investor. Previously, everyone was hurrying to get a home near their workplaces, this won’t be a case in the new normal.

Even if your home is located far from your home, your home will be your office and hence, you can buy a new anywhere in the city (but not too far or say in the remote areas) and still achieve a new life-work balance.

The new normal made us dedicate a space in the bedroom or living room where you sit all day long and handle your work. 

How about a home where you are allowed to use a dedicated room for your new work from home schedule?

Kasturi Housing has a few properties left for you with a dedicated room that you can convert easily for your office at home.

Along with dedicated work spaces, Kasturi homes also feature luxury features like modular kitchen, modern fittings, and extraordinary amenities you might hardly find in the price range.

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More time with family

Pandemic and lockdown have made most of us miss our families. We need our closed ones with us forever. Pandemic brought a feeling of insecurity and missing our family members more than ever. 

One might feel an urge to own a bigger home to accommodate an expanded nuclear family and live happily forever.

The real estate market has such properties to offer and you just have to search more rigorously.

Your search for a perfect home literally stops at Kasturi.

Owning a home is a security

As said before, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a feeling of insecurity and fear amongst most common Indians, and hence, investing in a home during this period will be the biggest security you can provide to yourself and your family.

Real estate has been one of the safest investments so far and a stable source of income for many.

Buying a home even when the times are tough considered you have a stable income source will be beneficial for you and your family.

A home is where you feel safe. Grow your dreams and achieve a life you wished from your childhood.

Kasturi Housing is a group with hundreds of families living a luxury life at our projects spread in Pune, India.

With the pandemic in action since the start of this New Year, we were affected like you guys. We started working from home too. And in the new normal, with the partial lifting of lockdown started, we invited families like you to visit our properties in Pune and we got a quite fascinating response.

Safe Site Visit

Safe Site Visit is a special protocol designed by Kasturi Housing to best safeguard home buyers from SARS-COV2 while visiting our sites.

You want a dream home; we make a path safe for you. All clear.

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Is it right time to buy property in Pune?

Pune has been a sizzling city in India. Residing on the top of the ‘Best Livable Cities in India’, Pune has a great environment, a lot of things to do in and around, more employment opportunities and a fairly affordable lifestyle. 

With the rising cosmopolitan public here in Pune, the real estate market is offering homes in every shape and size. Whatever you demand, you won’t be unhappy in Pune. 

Every time is the right time to buy or invest in property in Pune. If you are not willing to live in Pune, the rental market is also in the boom.

COVID-19 affected Pune city for a few months, but for sure, the spirit of Pune makes it full of positive vibes. 

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