You might have driven an award-winning car that massages your back while commuting or an award-winning phone that captures your whole family in one picture. Award-winning things are always worth noticing because they deserve to be used and cared for by all means.

How about an award-winning home? Are there any awards for homes as well? Some of you indeed have these kinds of questions when thinking about things that receive awards for their excellence. 

Yes. There are special awards in the real estate sector too and the apartments presented as the nominees come with special features, amenities, and specialties.

With the inception of Kasturi in 1999, we brought our passion for building homes in reality which redefined the living standards for our customers. The legacy then continued for years now.

Kasturi Housing always tries to maintain the quality of the homes which our customers love and today we have 5 awards for 3 different projects.

The awards we received are from ‘Asia Pacific Property Awards’ for the years, 2018-2019 & 2019-2020. The awards are the most decorated industry awards throughout the Asia Pacific regions. This is a real achievement for the real estate developers in the sector which are presented after a thorough examination and analysis. 

So what made Kasturi projects win such recognized awards for 2 consecutive years?

Years of excellence and improvement in the quality being offered in a ‘Kasturi’ home are the real reasons why we won the awards. Another reason could be the style, technology and luxe we offer inside and out in every home. 

One of the projects we won the awards is EON Homes located in the heart of Hinjawadi, the economic hub of Pune city. The EON Homes won the awards, ‘Best Residential High Rise Development India’ in 2018-19, ‘Best Residential Development India’ in the same year, and again in 2019-20 the project won the title, ‘Best Residential High Rise Development India’.

Here is how Asia Pacific Award Winning apartment in Pune looks like…

  1. The great ‘EON Homes’ is spread in 22 acres of campus with 12 towers where every home is spacious and contemporarily designed. The whole project is developed in association with international architects where you will find beauty and attention to detail at every corner.
  2. Equipped with world-class amenities EON Homes is made just for you if you are one of those looking for a lavish lifestyle.
  3. With two classes in apartments offered namely Luxury and Comfort, every apartment in EON Homes is spacious and offers you a different taste of lifestyle with every square meter of flooring.

So do you want to have your dream home that too filled with luxury features in an award-winning project? Contact our sales team and they would love to share with you a virtual as well as actual experience of the EON Homes house.