One of the most active hubs in Pune, Hinjawadi has been marked as one of the most sensational and happening places in Pune since last decade or so.

The changing face of IT and ITeS industry is helping the surroundings to be more glamorous and exquisite, but why so?

The people working here demand more comfort and more luxury.

They need a place to live nearby their offices but most importantly, they need a home where everything essential is available at a few footsteps. 

So you have bought your new home in Hinjawadi recently and we think you might realize these things right after you move in, comment below if you can relate these things…

Elevated lifestyle

Developed beyond imagination, Hinjawadi boasts a good-feel in itself. Entertainment, Education, Sports Facilities, Nature, Public Services, you name it, Hinjawadi will not fail you. Once you step out, there are many recreational activities you might enjoy in and around Hinjawadi!

Shopping and recreation 

The advancements in Hinjawadi have helped people gain a lifestyle they always needed. Life gets easier with convenient shopping and entertainment facilities. Huge malls like Xion Mall and Laxmi Complex are equipped with everything you could possibly ask for. For movie buffs, E-Square Carnival Plaza is a well-equipped movie theatre near Hinjawadi. And surprisingly all are at comfortable distances.

Social Life

Your home in Hinjawadi can help you go places. Baner, Balewadi and Aundh are at nearby places where you can have healthy social time with your family and friends. You can visit many restaurants and bars on the weekends to chill.

Healthy Life

For the fitness freaks, you don’t need to hustle to your workplaces by missing your daily workouts. Hinjawadi hosts many clubs, gyms and spas too that keep your body active and fit.

Picturesque Views

Laden with highrises, Hinjawadi brings you to a place where you feel like you are in a whole different world. Huge skyscrapers serve the major part of these picturesque views in Hinjawadi. Your office in Hinjawadi might be one of those. And please do not forget the lush greenery and rainy clouds. That steaming cup of coffee in your balcony, looking out at the skies, sounds good right?

Priceless Returns

Imagine, after 10 or 15 years you decide to move out of Pune as a part of your job relocation, the returns of your property would be literally priceless. New generation buyers will be ready to pay for your home on mouth bidding prices. Don’t want to sell the house? You can easily get a rental amount that will satisfy your next EMI…

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