Pune while developing itself as a megacity has surpassed everyone’s expectations in just a couple of years. Post today, in a few years to come, Pune will be one of the most developed cities in India. Reason? Emerging new luxury flats in Pune also referred to as the best possible homes to live in.

Most of the homebuyers are looking for luxury homes as the buying capacity has seen increased in recent times. But it is really hard to judge a property with the amenities and facilities it offers. So what exactly is a luxury home? And how can you choose the right property?

Today, every developer is providing standard amenities that will barely be of any use to people looking for something extravagant from their dreams.

Here are some points you can consider while buying a luxury home.


When we are talking about the home, location is utmost necessary to look for. Out of all the available spaces in vast and developing cities like Pune, people keep choosing the older and prime localities where there is barely any place for the construction of a decent residential project.

Well, if a new project is to be developed into any of these locations, the price quotes get ridiculously high. Some developments in these locations may not even be a housing society, maybe a standalone project due to lack of space, and just having a home in a prime location is not enough to make it a luxury home.

We can consider most of the luxury apartments in Pune are present in a developing neighborhood but only a few offer you with amenities that could be really useful. Better to be living in a developing location in a luxury home, rather than to be in a premium location and own an average home.

What Differentiates a Luxury Home from a Comfort Home


One of the boasting points while builders in Pune claim to construct a luxury project, is Area they are offering in an apartment. The space reserved for every house may be more than that of the other projects but it wouldn’t make sense unless the partitions are distributed smartly.

If you see, most common projects will have an enormous living and comparatively smaller bedroom, which gives you the illusion as the house is big when you see it at first glance as you enter.

Sometimes, the balcony will be very small or one of the bedrooms will be smaller than the other. All of this is because the apartment is constructed keeping the convenience of the developers in mind and their cost-efficiency. This cannot be called as a ‘luxury home’ but a comfortable home.

A ‘luxury home’, on the other hand, will be having equally distributed spaces among all elements of the house, also keeping in mind the placement of the bathroom duct which should not be near the bedrooms, living room or the kitchen. Construction, with such an arrangement, may not look like the ideal home, but, is the most effective use of space for sure and a guaranteed advantage for the long run.

What Differentiates a Luxury Home from a Comfort Home?


Specifications offered in a home are some of the important factors that are often overlooked by the lots of people, simply because they are insignificant or unimportant while buying a home. Can something as small as a doorknob or wash basin tap really matter? Yes, it will.

The developer provides you with basic fittings and fixtures to make it look ideal while you take possession, however, the quality most provide is often average and a year into using it, the tap will start to leak, the doorknob will wobble and what not. Now, its time you should call a plumber, carpenter and all the maintenance guys. Is that really what you want from your ‘Luxury Home’? Repairs and maintenance all the time? What are you looking for a home or a headache?

In a luxury home, you should be relied on above all things. Isn’t that what luxury is all about anyway? You need top-quality fixtures for your bathroom and kitchen, windows that don’t squeak all the time and doorknobs that are sturdy. The quality of homes is often hidden in plain sight, and it’s not hard to spot it. With so many boasting about what great amenities a project has, the essentials/important things are ignored. Don’t get tangled in all the irrelevant things and try to find the value in what is being offered.


Luxury flats in Pune developed in recent times are equipped with many amenities like a swimming pool, 24-hour security, electricity back-up or generator, etc. After a year of completion, the swimming pool lies dormant, the backup is insufficient, and eventually being fed up with these issues, no one takes any action!

These things are very basic and any home should have these amenities. But they shouldn’t charge you a toll every year or so. How can a project be a luxury house with these normal amenities? You deserve more.

In a luxury home, there are a few more amenities but they would be running effortlessly and efficiently. Instead of providing low-quality products for many amenities, a luxury development will have the amenities that would really matter and which will be of optimal use for the families living there.

At Kasturi Housing, one of the prominent real estate developers in Pune, when we lay the blueprint for a new project, one of our main concerns is to contribute to making your home a strict luxury, which will in return provide you with true, unadulterated experience.

Come visit the Kasturi projects currently under development and you will get an idea about what Luxury truly is!!