In today’s age, your address determines the little details of your daily lifestyle. In a certain way, it becomes a part of your everyday identity, and it comes down to the question: when someone asks you where you live, would you be proud of the answer?

Would you dream of a house filled with sunlight streaming in through large glass windows? Would you wish for a breathtaking view of the city, the backdrop of lush green hills taking center stage? Would you wish for a space that perfectly housed the dreams of your spouse and children?

At Kasturi, we believe in the power of dreams. After all, that’s how we established ourselves in the city of Pune, and that’s how the Balmoral brand was born. At The Balmoral Hillside, witness the transformation of your wishes into reality, and settle into a life of exclusivity.

Exclusive Living in a Refined Space

The Balmoral Hillside isn’t just another high-rise residence in just another metropolitan area; it’s an exclusive enclave designed for the discerning few in a well-connected neighborhood. At TBH, expansive living spaces offer a sense of unparalleled grandeur. Ranging from 4.5 BHK and 5.5 BHK apartments to larger penthouses, there’s a place for every family. That image of your family unwinding in a spacious living room while a cool breeze streams in through the French windows on a luxuriously lazy weekend? That’s real.

Aesthetics Imbued with Luxury

Every detail in every corner of your house at The Balmoral Hillside is subject to a high level of thought, creativity, and curation. Fully-furnished bathrooms and kitchens provide absolute comfort in a chic style. Smart home automation ensures effortless control of your environment, while top-of-the-line finishes and imported marble flooring create an aura of sophistication.

We understand what you want, and that’s exactly what we deliver – and more.

Living Within Nature

Nestled amidst the lush Baner hills, The Balmoral Hillside offers a serene escape from the city’s bustle, even when the best roadways are right below you. No matter where you are in your apartment, you can revel in a view of the hills from floor-to-ceiling windows and recharge your energy, morning or night.

Thriving in a Vibrant Community

Just as where you live matters, who you share your space with is important, too. At The Balmoral Hillside, you are connected with like-minded families who share your appreciation for luxury flats in Pune. Host a tea party, a catered dinner, or an elegant brunch with people who have lived like you, who dream like you, and who will share your ambitions for a comfortable future.

Live the Life You Deserve

The Balmoral Hillside is a statement: we have built it to represent a life that seeks unparalleled comfort through quiet luxury, exclusive living, and a vibrant community. It is our dream to see TBH lived in by those who appreciate its nuances, its value in creating the good life, and its presence as a tranquil residential gemstone in one of Pune’s most popular areas.

Embrace the opportunity to live life at its finest, perched atop the hills of Baner, in seamless elegance and all the joys of an upscale urban lifestyle. Visit our website to book an appointment and find out more about The Balmoral Hillside today.