With over 25 years of experience, one would assume that we at Kasturi would know what to expect from consumer and homeownership trends in Pune, the city that is central to our heritage, our legacy, and as our pride as luxury real estate developers. 

That assumption is right. We have grown with our buyers, in expectation, growth, and goals; and yet, we have stayed the same, in quality, promise, and passion. As generation dwellers of this progressive city, we expected that the citizens of Pune, both old and new, would develop a taste for a space that elicited more than a bland statement of “I live here.” They want more, yearn for greater heights, and search for a home that makes them want to say, “I belong here.”

We have felt that pulse of desire; in some ways, we now fuel it. It resonates with our own vision – to create residences that transcend the ordinary, where luxury seamlessly intertwines with a sense of true comfort, community, and belonging. 

Through The Balmoral Collection, we have turned our vision into a handcrafted, well-curated reality. We built tirelessly with passion and expertise, to offer you a life of peace and prosperity.

Weaving Inspiration from Timeless Elegance

The Balmoral Collection wasn’t born overnight: it was a culmination of meticulous planning, tremendous attention to the tiniest details, numerous collaborations with experts from all over the world, and a deep appreciation for luxury that feels like everyday comfort.

In fact, the very first establishment of The Balmoral Collection was built 10 years ago in what is now the bustling neighbourhood of Balewadi, but was, back then, an area of immense potential. The Balmoral Estate stands at the beginning of Balewadi as a testament to the timeless quality and elegance that defines Kasturi’s masonry. At the time, it was the only property in the area offering semi-furnished homes and modern amenities and thus attracted a community that was looking for sophisticated living. Today, The Balmoral Estate is one of the highest-valued and most coveted properties in its neighbourhood.

From the name that launched a thousand responses, The Balmoral brand was born. Four luxury properties stand under The Balmoral Collection banner: The Balmoral Towers, The Balmoral Riverside, The Balmoral Hillside, and the pioneer, The Balmoral Estate. 

Homes Designed for True Living

At every turn, we turn our passion for art into tangible, visual craft, and every home in The Balmoral Collection reflects this practice. The glass facades stand rooted and stable as slender crystals reaching for the heavens, while expansive windows that make up these facades bathe luxurious interiors in the abundance of natural light and breeze with which Pune is blessed. 

We at Kasturi build homes that deserve to be lived in, loved dearly, and cared for like it’s the only space where you can truly be yourself – because it is. Your home is designed to reflect your tastes and preferences, your lived experiences, and your dreams for the future. We promise that here, with us, is where they come truly to life.

Our premium offering of exclusively semi-furnished homes comes with a vow of unerring quality and extraordinary comfort. We believe in sourcing our materials, technology, and home fixtures from countries that hold them to the highest international standards. 

Why do we do that? Not simply because Kasturi has a legacy to maintain; but because you deserve it.

We Are Thankful for You

The overwhelming response we’ve received towards The Balmoral Collection fills us with immense joy. Being able to give families the boundless opportunity to create new memories, find their havens, and thrive in a like-minded community, validates our vision. It reaffirms that the desire for a life well-lived resonates deeply. We are humbled and immensely grateful to offer you a space that feels like, that is, your own. 

Thank you for choosing The Balmoral Collection as your address. Our stories are just beginning.