Buying a luxury home means relishing the finer things in life, whether grand or minimalistic. Today’s luxury home buyers are looking for the ultimate leisure and convenience when they start looking for properties.

We look for amenities that give a contemporary look to our homes while holding the charm of this beautiful city. The city of Pune has this old-school appeal of rich history and serene nature. 

The Balmoral Riverside has them both beautifully integrated into their designs. The project is conceptualized in one of the fastest developing locations of the city – Baner-  Balewadi. 

A soulful infrastructure specifically designed for those looking for a luxurious apartment that reflects refinement, balance, and serenity. 

But what makes a property luxurious? 

The Balmoral Riverside is a state-of-the-art project developed by Kasturi Housing. It exudes luxury with its critically acclaimed contemporary architectural design. Get the feeling of living on top of the world with The Balmoral Riverside, as it is one of the tallest buildings to be ever constructed in the West of Pune. Walk on the clouds to get a scintillating view of this magnificent city from your dream home at The Balmoral Riverside!

Experience the complete essence of luxury in your dream home!

Lavish and Eco-friendly living space

In recent times, people have turned to use environmentally friendly products in their homes. An eco-friendly or a green home is an environmentally low-impact house, exquisitely designed and built using materials and technology that reduces carbon footprint and requires less energy consumption.

The Balmoral Riverside offers you a lavish home that is close to the serene beauty of nature. Wake up to a river-front view every morning and start your day with new enthusiasm. A Beautiful Landscaped Garden so that you can make those morning workouts enticing and refreshing. 

Luxurious Bedrooms & Bathrooms

We seek indulgence in every corner of the house when we plan to invest in a luxurious home. The most significant area for a home is the bedroom. A bedroom is a place we seek complete relaxation and peace. A bedroom is a place where we want all the comfort with lavish attention to detail. 

The same goes with bathrooms. Bathrooms are also equally essential to us. We seek complete satisfaction and a rejuvenating feeling when it comes to bathrooms and bedrooms. 

The Balmoral Riverside offers a lot of space for you to shape your home the way you desire to. Indeed, it is a complete package for every homebuyer out there.

Incredible Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of an Indian home. In a luxury home, the kitchen should be well equipped with modern technology and creative ideas. It is like the center of your day-to-day routine, and every sweet memory revolves around it. 

So when we talk about a lavish home, having a kitchen that fits the theme is equally important. 

Kasturi has designed a perfect modular kitchen with all the contemporary pieces of equipment like kitchen Hob, chimney, water purifier, microwave oven, and dishwasher. 

A kitchen fully equipped with all the amenities for your dream home!

Easy access to Conveniences 

Every luxury home requires easy accessibility and quick connectivity for Conveniences and supplies. Having these things available within your reach reduces the daily hassle and makes like simple.

Security Gated Community

When we think of buying a dream home, the first concern for us is safety and security. The Balmoral Riverside is a completely secured gated community with 24/7 surveillance, and guarded gates. With a gated community, you can have complete privacy in your dream home. 

A luxury home consists of all these amenities to enhance the living experience. The Balmoral Riverside offers every one of them to you, and with its location, you have easy access to hospitals, schools, restaurants, and shopping malls. 

Experience ultimate luxury with modern infrastructure at The  Balmoral Riverside!