Pre Launch is ideally the time when a project is in it’s initial construction stages.
At this phase, builders make an announcement about the project proposals and start the sale for the same. 

Here, we will talk about how buying a property in a pre-launch sale is beneficial to home buyers.  

Since the world has been affected by the pandemic, the current real estate market has been plagued by a slow pace of sales and negligible investor activities. 

These pre-launch properties are like golden opportunities for buyers. Here, you could exponentially gain benefits on the economic aspect of the property as in pre-launch projects, the buyers can save  by investing in the pre-launch period.

Why do developers pre-launch their projects?

The developers pre-launch their projects at an early stage to raise capital. This capital is then invested back to develop the project like infrastructure, amenities, etc. 

With a growing number of real estate companies and increasing competition, having a pre-launch gives the developers an insight into the market. 

The kind of buyers who show interest in pre-launch projects are usually opportunistic investors and end-users who seek to benefit from the price advantage and can wait for a couple of years before getting possession of their apartments. 

Benefits of Pre-Launch property!

When you invest in a pre-launched property, you as a buyer have the upper hand over those who buy their apartments after completion. You get to choose your preferred apartment with respect to the floor and the view from your home.

As an investor, buying a property at pre-launch has its merits and demerits. The merits of getting a property at a low price sounds attractive and sweet but there are many things you should consider before taking your first step. 

Things to look for before investing in a Pre-Launch property!

Taking a decision to buy a home is no walk in the park. The first step is to do complete and thorough research about the developer. 

Do your research about the projects they have delivered , and the goodwill they carry in the Market. Look for the offered amenities and specifications  of the apartments before taking any decision. 

As a potential buyer, you must be aware of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) guidelines before you make any decision. 

These things will help you to figure out the legitimacy of the project. Invest in a pre-launch project that is developed by a well known developer as you have a lot of background information about them and their past projects. 

This can give you the assurity that your investment is safe and with the coming time, will reap  prosperous results.

There is always a factor of risk in the industry, thus always invest in those whom you trust. Take precautionary steps, and move forward with it when you are one hundred percent sure.

Also, if you are looking to buy a second home, investing in a pre-launch is a rather profitable opportunity with the security of having a first home as you can wait for the development of your newly invested project. 

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Be wise with your decision and invest in those who you can trust!