Passion is an overpowering emotion, in fact, it compels you to drive with a single-minded focus with an obsessive desire towards a grand objective.

At Kasturi passion is the key-word for every individual who is part of our team! Since its inception, we have hand-picked people for a journey where passion never fades!

The very foundation of Kasturi is based upon the principle of fulfilling the dream of creating homes that display the passion for fine living. We believe we have been accorded with the rare opportunity to design a better life for the highly knowledgeable aesthete. For those who have a highly refined sensitivity toward the finer aspects of art or nature.

We imaginatively fuse the most contemporary of world design into a stylish, living structure. We pull out all the stops to achieve this!

For us, it is more than a building. We pour in pure, undiluted passion that somewhere in this process the lines blur and we actually become a part of what we build. We become the bricks and mortar, and glass, and landscape! Our passion breathes in them.

Our creation are pieces of art you can live in. They are things of beauty that are joys forever. They are the works that we want you to cherish for the years to come.