Your home is more than just a place to live—it reflects who you are.

Everyone wants their space to feel luxurious, styled with unique flair and sophisticated.

But let’s be honest, starting from scratch with a completely empty house can be overwhelming. That’s where Kasturi Housing steps in.

Imagine walking into a semi-furnished home where the hard work is already done. Kitchens? Fully equipped. Bathrooms? Completely set up. Lighting, plumbing, chic flooring—all ready and waiting for you.

Now, you just have to add your personal touch to turn this house into your dream home. With Kasturi, you can dive right into the fun part: customising your space to suit your style perfectly without the stress of starting from zero.

The Essence of Kasturi’s Semi-Furnished Residences

Stepping into premium apartments by Kasturi Housing, you’ll find that all the essentials are already perfectly in place, allowing you to focus on adding your personal touch.

Here’s what awaits you:

  • Fully furnished bathrooms with Italian and German fittings, complete with water heaters, shower enclosures, and essential accessories.
  • A complete modular kitchen fitted with piped gas and branded built-in appliances such as a dishwasher, oven, microwave, water purifier, hob, and chimney.
  • A specially-designed utility area for a washer and dryer, with an easy dry system for your laundry.
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows in every room that flood your space with breeze and natural light, and offer great views!
  • False ceilings with shadowed edges for a sleek, floating appearance.
  • Concealed lighting in all rooms to create a soft and elegant look.

When it comes to space planning, Kasturi Housing ensures that every inch of your new home is utilised efficiently, providing you with the ultimate blend of luxury and practicality. This not only ensures a seamless living experience but also gives you the freedom to infuse your personal style into a beautifully prepared canvas.

Get Expert Help from Kasturi’s KOKO Designs

Designing your space in a Kasturi home is about making the most of what’s already there and adding your flair. Under the banner of KOKO Designs, our in-house interior design service, we have a host of expert international designers who are trained in curating the best furniture, decor, and art for your home.

If you’re looking for bespoke, high-quality, and elegant furniture, our designers have got the keenest eye around. Whether you need standard pieces like dining tables, sofas, coffee tables, and armchairs, or more personalised items like wardrobes, dressers, and bedside tables, we can help you.

Need inspiring storage solutions or multifunctional furniture? KOKO designs is here to advice you on the best pieces to choose.

Looking forward to sprucing up your home with the finest carpets, elegant curtains, classy chandeliers, modern mood lighting, or statement art pieces? Our designers’ expertise will help you select the most appropriate choice of soft furnishings, lighting, and decor to match your home’s theme and feel.

Thus, no matter your taste – bold colours, floral patterns, minimalist chic – we can help you find ways to weave your personality into your home decor.

Revel in Luxurious Living

Kasturi is committed to more than just building houses; we create homes that embody luxury and practicality. Our luxury semi-furnished residences provide a foundation of high-quality amenities and elegant design, which you can personalise to reflect your style and needs.

With the support of KOKO Designs, every Kasturi home can be transformed into an exceptional living environment tailored to enhance your lifestyle and exceed your expectations.

Take the next step to enjoy the finer things in life and experience elegant, upscale living. Visit our website to book an appointment and learn more about Kasturi’s luxury properties in pune today.