Apart from providing a home, these can be seen as a great investment option for the future. 

As we know, the world is dealing with the pandemic in the recent times and like many other Sectors,  the Real Estate has also taken a Hit. But with the passing times and the situations getting better there has been a slight positive growth in the sector.  

As a population we still have that strong sentiment of owning a Home which is  like a big milestone event in  life. This makes the Real Estate sector one of the leading investment options at large.

Buying a Home comes with intangible benefits like security, peace of mind and pride of ownership. These are the main reasons why people prefer to invest in the Real Estate sector. 

With the current Market trends the Real Estate can be considered as one of the most stable and lucrative option as compared to other investment options like land, stock market, mutual funds, etc.Thus, several surveys conducted by the property consultants show that more than 50% of investors are looking to return to the Real Estate sector in the post-COVID-19 era. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of investing in your dream home rather than any other investment options . and how it can reap great returns in the long run. 

Here are some beneficial points for you to consider while buying a home

  • Price Appreciation
    As we know, Real Estate was hit hard along with with many other sectors in the world. But with time, things are getting back on track again. Investing in the current market one can benefit  a lot with price appreciation in the long run. The market is on the rise, and if one  invests in a home in Pune today, the value of your home is bound to appreciate few folds with time.
  • Tax Benefits
    One can receive a tax deduction of up to two lakh rupees if you own your dream home. Depending on your interest, you can claim a tax benefit that could help ease the interest rate of your home. Under section 24 of the IT Act, if you invest in a ready-to-move property, you can avail up to 2 lakh of tax benefits and ease your interest rate.
  • Easy and low home loan
    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the RBI has reduced the repo rates by a significant amount. These are some of the lowest repo rates resulting in home loans interest rates plummeting to the lowest of 7%. This is a great opportunity for investors seeking profitable investments. Just a year ago, home loans were in the range of 8-9% per annum, and with such low-interest rates, you can save a lot on your investment. 
  • Risk-free and Stable
    In the current market situation, buying a residential home is said to be one of the most stable investment grounds. One can always count on getting your returns on your investments sooner or later. With the current market, there is a lot of scope for profit as the property prices have plummeted very low. Once the economy gets stable again, the Real Estate market is expected to show an upward graph. 
  • Attractive deals
    Due to the unstable Market due to the pandemic, the developers are offering lucrative offers to get that initial push for their Projects. This being the ideal time to buy or invest in homes. The interest rates being the lowest of all, plus the developers offering attractive deals there can not be a better time to buy but NOW!
  • Create a source of steady income
    Investing in a home can create a source of steady income for the buyers. Unlike any other investment sector, you have an option to create a safe and secured source of income by leasing the property. 

Investing in your dream home can lead to a better return in the longer run. It also has the potential to create security for you with time. If you are patient enough, the Real Estate market can reap maximum benefits from your investments. It is a way to go that can create sustainable options for the future. Also, one can diversify their portfolio with safer investments like in Real Estate along with some other Market-driven Investment Options.