Imagine standing on your balcony, sipping your coffee, and looking at the long stretch of city lights. That’s the benefit of living in a high-rise apartment. 

There are many more benefits of living in a high-rise apartment. To go through a few, we have listed them for you below:

Picturesque Views

Get an unobstructed view of the serene beauty of lush green hills and a stunning riverfront right from your balcony from a highrise elevation. Sit on your balcony with your loved ones and admire the beauty and charm of this city. 

From starting your day by looking at the sunrise to sitting with your loved ones under the starry sky at night, enjoy every bit of your life with a view. 

Natural Light, Ventilation, and Fresh Air

With such magnanimous space, you will never complain about fresh air and lack of ventilation. With a high-rise apartment, there is no obstruction in between, that blocks ventilation, natural light, and fresh air to come in. 

Safety and Privacy

A gated community gives you complete assurance with its all-around security. Opting for higher floors can further give you complete privacy and security in your home. 

Less Noise Pollution

Living in a high rise building in Western  Pune, you never have to worry about noise pollution again. Forget all about those honking cars and loud revs disturbing your beautiful night under the starry sky. Now you can enjoy the quietness of nature and magnificent sky from your home.

Riverside View

Wake up to a beautiful morning looking at the sunrise on the horizon and the light of the sun shimmering on the river. That is a scintillating view you get every morning from your bedroom. Make your mornings even more appealing and elegant by living in a high rise development. 

Life at The Balmoral Riverside

What if we tell you that you can get this feeling of being on top of the world at The Balmoral Riverside. 

That’s right! 

The Balmoral Riverside is one of the tallest buildings to be constructed in the Western Pune. Surrounded by the picturesque view of serene nature, The Balmoral Riverside stands tall in the heart of Baner. 

With a contemporary infrastructure design, The Balmoral Riverside offers you a luxurious lifestyle of 3 & 4 BHK apartments with an overview of this beautiful city. Live your dream in your dream home at “The Balmoral Riverside”. 

The Balmoral Riverside offers premium residences incorporating stunning interiors with designer touches and upscale elegance in every room. The unique amenities include designer kitchens, upscale flooring, and refined fixtures that are delightful conveniences in every apartment. The creative exterior finishes and breathtaking natural landscape surrounding the property will make you go, Awwww!

With a class-apart infrastructure and picturesque views from your home, The stands tall in the heart of Baner, giving you easy connectivity to the busy city life. 


High Rise apartments offer you a lot more than a luxurious lifestyle. It brings you a sense of stability, calmness, and ease of life. Coming back to your home after a tiring day at work is what you will look forward to at The Balmoral Riverside.