*Artistic Impressions

*Artistic Impressions


The Lord’s edition of a regal fanfare is our grand entrance that salutes the arrival of its residents. Raised to a lordly altitude, it’s magnificence humbly bows to its beau monde. The owners tread over an Italian marble terrazzo that’s bedight with metallic artistry – a place where even the ground beneath is privileged of the owners’ presence.
  • Designer main entrance lobby with guest lounge
  • Floor embedded with metallic artistry
  • Independent owner’s elevator and separate service/stretcher elevator
  • Concierge and maintenance administered by Kasturi Homecare for 2 years


Intricately-designed to address lifestyle as thoughtfully as possible, the living room is adorned with the worthiest specifications. Like life itself, each home is at the beck and call of its owner, with advanced technological innovation where the touch of a button attunes to the desired ambience with cove lighting. The space has been decked with Italian marble that has been specially handpicked. Apart from a false ceiling with lights, it is fitted with a central air-conditioning system. The spacious expanse of the living room with the columnless design allows residents to host larger gatherings and enjoy uninterrupted views of the greenery.

*Artistic Impressions
*Artistic Impressions


Our capacious dining area that has been exclusively devoted to the entire family, is luxury’s soft spot. And above everything else, prolific, lush views outside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows await to curtsey from the verdant forest that surrounds Lord’s Estate.


The grandeur of international fittings, detailed down to their shade never cease to enrapture. The most minute details such as water pressure and water quality have been addressed to make this space at par with a world-class spa. The centrepiece of this luxurious bathroom is the exquisite freestanding bathtub. Placed right in front of a floor-to-ceiling window that presents unobstructed, private views, this perfectly appointed bathroom carries an essence of ultimate luxury.
*Artistic Impressions
Representational purpose only


The heart of the home is an affluent, appliance-lined kitchen. The space that exemplifies a state of wellbeing carries an elegance quotient at every corner. Minimalist design within a contemporary style, the kitchen is what luxury looks like when wrapped in subtlety.
“A truly great structure is one that respects its environment and stands the test of time.”

- Bharat Agarwal


At the heart of Modibaug, Lord’s Estate is surrounded by acres of a green reserve forest. With a majestic elevation, this structure is built with a beamless design on the periphery. We’ve put careful consideration in ensuring that the design is the epitome of contemporary architecture.


Carpet Areas

Flat Area (Sq m)
Balcony/Terrace (Sq m)
Passage/Lobby (Sq m)

Total 362.14 (Sq m)

*Area mentioned above is approximate carpet area as per RERA.


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