Lord’s Estate Design

Representational purpose only


Lord’s Estate is a testimony to brilliant architecture, design and planning which are in accordance with the expansive views surrounding the project. The architecture is such that the residents get the eyeful of lush green covers and sublime views without any obstruction. 

It embodies great luxurious features including abundance of space and privacy. The project offers uncompromised privacy since all the floors have just one apartment each with separate entries for service areas and alternate balconies with large glass panels. 

The apartments are equipped with state-of-the-art security mechanisms to ensure the residents’ safety at all times. Thoughtful features have been embedded at par with international standards. 

The project has a well-balanced contemporary look & feel with floor-to-ceiling full height windows in the apartments which is a feature found in only the luxurious projects in Pune.


It was of utmost importance for Team Kasturi to bring our exact vision to life, with no compromises. Through meticulous planning, we were able to go a touch above modernity – to assimilate an aristocratic splendour within the contemporary sophistication of Modibaug. About 2 years ago, the idea for Lord’s Estate was born. Bharat Agarwal was always clear about his vision. At a stage where it would be considered diffcult to have anything concrete, he had already visualised the project and named it ‘Lord’s Estate’.

The project is located amidst serene environs: peaceful and tranquil. It needed t o perfectly respond to these attributes and seamlessly incorporate them within the design. It had to exuberate modernity without losing the essence of Indian customs and values, that addressed all family members: from children to grandparents. Therefore, quality space was extremely crucial to tackle. Right from the façade, the design expresses, imposes and reflects the lavish lifestyle of Lord’s.

In conjunction with analytical work and space planning, Team Kasturi reviewed multiple versions of the sketches until they were satisfied with what was before them. This process was tested, re-tested, refined, and reinvented many, many times. As these series of sketches developed into scalar building elements, the process become more and more precise. Finally, the team agreed that what they saw on paper was ready to be brought to reality.

The entire idea of Lord’s Estate started with a crisp vision. Team Kasturi knew exactly who we were making this project for and why. The project is created for the connoisseurs of high living and taste – an Absolute Aristocracy. The smallest details were designed with the greatest attention.

“We live with what we create for you, passionately. For us it is a work of art not just a work of construction.”

- Bharat Agarwal