Luxury Technology | High end building management system | EON Homes
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The developers of Eon Homes have put together the best talent in the industry to craft what would be a lifestyle par excellence in Hinjawadi. 

With consultants from across the globe working in sync to create an environment of bliss, you can rest assured that you will spend a lifetime of happiness at your Eon Homes.

  • 4 High speed auto elevators including service stretcher elevator in each building.
  • 100% power back-up in common areas and 1 KVA back-up per apartment.
  • More than 2000 car parks.
  • Drivers Lounge and common washroom.
  • Ramps for specially abled.
  • Braille buttons and signage in elevators and staircases.
  • Braille tactile guidance tiles throughout the entire development on common outdoor footpaths and pathways.
  • A separate truck unloading bay for each building has been provided for the movement of furniture of residents.
  • Service maintenance rooms on each floor of the building for electrical and data services.
  • Separate garbage chutes for degradable and non-degradable wastes.
  • Piped gas have been provided in each apartment keeping the surroundings safe. Dedicated gas banks.
  • “Kasturi homecare” an in-house maintenance team designed solely for the regular maintenance of the apartments. Services like electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters on call for day to day maintenance of the apartments for residents.
  • Pressurised Fire staircases.
  • Firefighting system by Viega with sprinklers in each apartment.
  • Multi-layered manual and electronic security.
  • Video door phone facility in each apartment.
  • Building Management System run by building manager.
  • Electronic surveillance system -including CCTV cameras, public address system in the parking level and building lobbies.
  • Fully equipped security cabins constructed at the main gates and continually manned by trained security officers.
  • Each building lobby also has round the clock surveillance by trained security officers.
  • Laminated safety glass on all windows and railings.
Luxury Technology | High end building management system | EON Homes
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Garbage chute room on each floor
Pump room
Branded Technology | High end building management system | EON Homes
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Access control Technology | High end building management system | EON Homes
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Access control in main lobby
Sewage treatment plant
Waste management system | EON Homes | Kasturi Housing
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Luxury Technology | Branded floor material | EON Homes
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Braille tactile guidance tiles
Fire Fighting System

VIEGA fire fighting system concealed in false ceiling in each apartment.

Fire safety measures at EON Homes Hinjewadi
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Security Measures | High end building management system | EON Homes
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Main gate security cabin
Plumbing provision in formwork
Building management system | EON Homes | Kasturi Housing
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Building Management System

The entire project is on a BMS (Building Management System) platform. This computerized automation system controls and checks the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment. 

At Eon homes the system controls the common area lightings, drip irrigation within the landscaped areas, generator fuel levels and meter reading, underground and overhead water tank levels, operation of water and fire pumps, fire sprinkler system, and smoke detector system for energy conservation.

High-end Building Management System | Automated System Controls | EON Homes
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Automated Technology | High end building management system | EON Homes
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Automatic Rescue Elevators

The elevators installed in the project have a special feature of LANDIC. LANDIC means battery powered automatic landing operation. With this technology, there is never any need to worry when passengers are stuck in the car. This is an automatic rescue device of a compact battery-powered control system which operates the car to the nearest floor in case of power failure. With LANDIC if the elevator does get stuck on a particular floor, it will move to its nearest floor – through its compact battery-powered system. 

This unique technology has enabled the elevators to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced world. This technology reduced the power consumption as it is battery powered. All these features make the LANDIC elevator efficient, safe, and reliable without compromising on speed.

Natural Light and Ventilation

The parking levels below the podium have ample natural light and fresh air ventilation due to the creation of multiple wells that go all the way down to the lower parking level. This includes a large central cavity in the podium with slit openings on its side walls to let air and light into the parking floors. The reduces the need for extra lighting in the parking areas and eliminates the need for artificial ventilation which is power consuming and noisy.
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Imported Window Glass Material | EON Homes | Kasturi Housing
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Special Reflective Glass

All windows in the development are installed with special reflective glass from Saint-Gobain. This glass blocks out the heat from the daylight without affecting the brightness of the light. This keeps the apartment cool in the day and reduces the need for constant air-conditioning.